Keychan FAQ

What are the goals for this site?

Keychan has 3 main goals as an imageboard. To explain them in better detail:

Provide a place for more actual discussion (outside of /b/)

While most other imageboards are designed to be anything goes, Keychan will be more grounded and more focused on discussion. This definitely does not mean you can't have fun, and none of us frankly care what you post as long as it isn't rule breaking. /b/ is the only exception as it's meant for random content.

Refrain from corrupt moderation

As you may already know, certain imageboards have become infamous for mods repeatedly deleting content for unethical reasons that often violate their own rules. With Keychan, moderation will have to follow a set of rules of their own to avoid this happening on here.

Just be a down to earth community similar to previous older chans

Avoid drama (a la 8chan during the Next fiasco) and in fighting and instead relax and have fun.